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Proven. Effective. Credible.

Most social selling speakers preach the value of engaging customers online and providing content. But no one tells you HOW to engage in ways that produce appointments and leads—using a proven, systematic approach.

Until now.

Jeff Molander is known for his pragmatism---not just evangelism. He is giving audiences a step-by-step system—not just waiving the flag. He is different than most social selling speakers.

His workshops, Webinars and social selling keynotes have become famous for actionable know-how---not just inspiration.

Book Jeff as your social selling speaker if your audience needs:

  • A proven, effective system—they’ve never heard before—that produces appointments and is easy to commit to
  • A starting point … to make social selling an enjoyable part of daily life (because it works)
  • Entertainment … exciting stories of successful social sellers & throwing a few rocks at misguided social media ‘gurus’

“Jeff is a social selling speaker who bypasses the fluff. His keynote at our Social Selling Summit was rated excellent across the board. He gave our audience the world-class strategies, the drive and clear ‘next steps’ to start making social media sell right away.” 

social selling speaker Jim Garrett 
Executive Director | Chicago Southland Convention & Visitors Bureau

Briefly, who is Jeff?

social selling speaker

Insightful and opinionated, Jeff Molander is a sought-after trainer to global corporations and an accomplished entrepreneur who co-founded the Google Affiliate Network in 1999 as VP, Sales & Marketing. He’s been selling for 18 years.

He is adjunct digital marketing faculty at Loyola University’s school of business and publisher of His social selling book, Off The Hook Marketing: How to Make Social Media Sell for You, is first to offer a clear, practical way to create leads and sales on social platforms. 

Jeff is the only social selling speaker giving audiences a system to turn Facebook fans, LinkedIn contacts, blog subscribers and YouTube viewers into leads and sales. He shows you how, step-by-step, in an entertaining, engaging way—then helps you do it.

This is why the world’s top organizations and trade associations invite him to their stages.

Jeff uses fresh, new success stories, occasional humor and practical tips to cut through the social selling hype. He presents clear, practical ideas your sellers can apply immediately to improve performance. 

That’s why Jeff is recognized as the authority on social selling.

Who books Jeff

Jeff is a sought-after social selling speaker and trainer, speaking globally.

social selling speakersocial selling speaker

Jeff gave my Greek sales executives clear answers—not buzzwords. He gave compelling advice to an audience demanding fresh, new thinking. Jeff's no-nonsense style challenged us to think differently about social selling. This sent sales managers back to the office with a practical, new approach to sales prospecting.

social selling speaker Xenia Mantziori
Editor in Chief, Boussias Communications, Athens Greece

Where Jeff speaks

Basics Office Supplies (Canada) & National Retail Federation
South American Business Forum (Argentina)
Council of State Restaurant Associations (social selling speaker)
Petrobras (Brazil)
American Gemological Society
University of Chicago
Electronic Retailing Association/Europe
Italian Trade Commission

A few of Jeff's 2014 - 2015 appearances

Birchwood Credit Services – Boston, MA, February 2015 (private)
Creative Lodging Solutions
 – Lexington, KY, Dec 2014 (private) 
Ambrosetti Annual Sales Workshop
Milan, Italy, Nov, 2014 
Suntan Supply / West Coast Tanning ExpoLas Vegas, June 2014 (private)
Sales Acceleration Summit –, March, 2014
Sales Management Forum 2014Athens, Greece Jan 2014 

Popular speeches

Social Selling: Sparking customers curiosity in what you sell

social selling speaker

What is social selling? What are the consequences? Where should your reps or dealers start? Should they start at all? If they invest time, how will they get attention, engagement and response from buyers? Jeff will show your team a surprisingly practical answer: Getting customers curious is the key. Your audience will learn how to speed-up prospecting by provoking online conversations with buyers that connect to traditional selling processes.

** When presented as a workshop version, sellers will take first steps toward implementing their own, effective social selling method.

Your audience will leave this session with:​

  • New insight on why most sellers aren't producing sales & leads with social media (and what to do instead)
  • A faster, repeatable way to find, qualify & get RESPONSE from buyers on LinkedIn, blogs, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and more
  • Clear next steps to get more appointments by sparking customers' curiosity in products 

* This speech available as social selling keynote or “hands-on” workshop

How to Make Social Media Sell for Your Business

social selling speaker

The opportunity is clear: Use social media in ways that solve problems for empowered customers and create profit for your business. But where to start with tools like Facebook, Twitter, blogs and LinkedIn? How can you make the most of time? Jeff will show your audience a system to converse with customers in ways that generate more leads, referrals and sales. He spent a year studying today’s top social sellers and will give you their secrets—clear next steps to make social media sell, starting now.

Your audience will learn:

  • How to turn Likes, friends, followers and evangelists into paying customers
  • 3 things you don’t know about social media that will multiply your returns
  • How to reduce advertising cost and increase customer loyalty using social media
  • 2 common social marketing best practices that often do more harm than good
  • How to hire the best, most accountable agencies and employees 

* This speech available as social selling keynote or “hands-on” workshop

Need social selling training?

Jeff offers social selling training to groups (sales forces) or
individuals (home study).

The 3 Habits of Successful Social Sellers

social selling speaker

Using social media to get attention? Great, but you may be missing the real opportunity—netting leads and sales. Jeff Molander will show your audience a systematic way to makes social media pay tangible business dividends, starting today. Jeff entertains and informs you group by confirming suspicions about self-anointed social media gurus and empowering them to take action. Based on a year-long study of top social sellers, he reveals their secret sauce: A clear way to make tools like Facebook, Twitter, blogs and LinkedIn produce leads and sales.

  • Acquire more new customers using Facebook, blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter and more  
  • Invest time in ways that avoids spinning wheels
  • Turn Likes, friends, followers and evangelists into paying customers 
  • Decrease reliance on advertising to acquire customers
  • Avoid popular but deadly social selling practices that do more harm than good

* This speech available as social selling keynote or “hands-on” workshop

"Insightful. Refreshingly practical. Jeff kicked off our management team's day by provoking thought and generating discussion. He grabbed our attention and kept it by offering 'ah-ha' moments---clear examples of how leading social sellers are using tools like Facebook to sell. He prepared in advance to meet the specific needs of our group and assured successful and meaningful time well-spent."

social selling speaker Rose Mitchell 
Sr. VP, Governmental Affairs | Hy-Vee, Inc.

Beyond Engaging: 3 Steps to Make Social Media Create Sales


Come learn how to attract new clients and re-activate existing ones without wasting time on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and more. Jeff will show your retailers how to guide customers toward buying more products & services using a proven, repeatable technique. You will also learn why buying Facebook ads may hurt your bottom line and how to sell your store online—without the extra cheese!

social selling trainer

Regardless of social media savvy, your audience will leave this keynote with a:

  • "Cheat Sheet" to make social media updates create inquiries & foot traffic
  • Step-by-step way to get more customers talking about you & your deals
  • Proven, effective approach to get customers buying from your store

7 Habits of Successful Social Store Managers


Getting buyers talking about you online is simple. Spark their curiosity, provoke them to take action and connect that behavior to what you sell. Whether you already have raving followers or are just starting out don't miss this session. Your audience will learn 7 low-effort, high impact ways to get customers buzzing and buying—before they get back to the store. We'll convert Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and more from a necessary evil into a fun, profitable habit.

Your audience will leave this workshop with:

  • 3 effective social selling concepts guaranteed to drive sales to your business
  • A template to make social media updates create inquiries, foot traffic & sales
  • A no-nonsense time management technique that avoids common pitfalls and saves time
social selling speaker
Brian Ratte Industry Software Leader
social selling trainer

"Jeff sent all of us back to the office motivated and better able to
make social media sell."

Need social selling training?

Jeff offers social selling training to groups (sales forces) or
individuals (home study).