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Archive Monthly Archives: November 2007

This Week in Digital Marketing & Media

Amazon’s Kindle Bypasses Affiliates and Then Some Andy Beard asks if Amazon is looking to bypass its affiliates with its new Kindle eBook reader. Sure seems that way and affiliates aren’t

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The Ironic Future of Affiliate Marketing: MLM (Part I)

The following is part of a MULTI-PART SERIES (see Part II here). Where is online affiliate marketing (a la Linkshare, Commission Junction, etc.) heading? Ironically, forces with social media are driving

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Why Marketers Fail at Web Analytics (and what to do about it)

Web marketers are failing to leverage this thing called “Web analytics.” Heck, marketers aren’t even sure WHY they use tools like Omniture, WebTrends, FireClick, Google Analytics and

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“Should I Buy (Outsource) or Build Search Marketing?”

Sara Holoubek hits it out-of-the-park with a bold piece that helps Web marketing executives decide on either owning search or leaning on outside experts to get the job done. Ms. Holoubek provides step

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