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What RSS is & Why You Should Care

  • By Jeff Molander

RSS is a means to transport information across the Web — just like how HTTP works with browsers to publish and receive HTML pages.

It’s important to marketers because it can be used to cut costs, increase content-based transactions that lead to purchase, deliver ANY kind of content reliably, enhance search engine optimization and conduct market research.

Who’s the ‘RSS for Marketers’ Expert?

Ok, ok… so it’s not me.  The hands down leading expert on RSS for marketers is Rok Hrastnik, a good friend.  I’ll be publishing a series of “how to” videos, transcripts and audio podcasts with Rok shortly so be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed — you”ll be alerted to its availability instantly.  You can also subscribe via email of course (see the footer of this story).

I’ll publish the full, unedited transcript of Rok spilling the beans on how to apply RSS throughout an organization — including driving sales and increasing engagement with customers inside the marketing discipline.  It’s all material contained in his new, yet-to-be-released book (he’s already written the first book on RSS for marketers!).

Where Can I Get a Good List of RSS Tools?

Here’s one of the best, most comprehensive lists of RSS tools, by category, that can be found today.  Thanks to Christina Laun!  As an example, here are some categories.

Readers: Read your RSS feeds through these helpful programs.
Personalized Homepages
(like iGoogle): Make an RSS feed part of your homepage by checking out these great applications.
Browser Extensions
: These extensions can help prime your browser to work easily with RSS.
Blog Tools and Plugins
: Those putting RSS feeds out there for their blogs can get the most out of these tools.
RSS Directories
: Find every kind of RSS feed you could be interested in with these directories.
Mobile Tools
: These tools allow you to take RSS on the go with you no matter where you are.
RSS Email Tools: Combine the power of RSS with email using these tools.
Feed Validators
: RSS Feed Editors
… and more!

How Has RSS Changed Your Life, Jeff?

Well, the good news is that it has.  Not like having my son, Nolan, of course but it has added to my ability to spend more time with him while commuting to the office.  It’s simple, I use Viigo to read all of my most important news, information and entertainment feeds — everything I read on a daily basis.  It’s all done on my Blackberry.  No more scanning all those piles of email newsletters.  What a feeling it was to un-subscribe from ALL the newsletters — replacing with RSS feeds on Viigo.  If I see an item that’s worthy of my attention I simply email it to myself or my colleagues in a click!

Want to learn more specifics?  Here’s an interview on Entrepreneur Magazine’s eBiz Show.

Full interview transcript on how marketers can use RSS.
Listen to the interview on how marketers can use RSS.

About Jeff Molander

Jeff Molander is the authority on starting sales conversations online. He teaches a proven, effective and repeatable communications process to spark buyers curiosity about what you're selling. He's a sought-after sales prospecting trainer to individual reps, teams of sellers and small businesses owners across the globe. He's an accomplished entrepreneur, having co-founded the Google Affiliate Network and what is today the Performics division of Publicis Groupe.

Jeff also serves as adjunct digital marketing faculty at Loyola University’s school of business. His book, Off The Hook Marketing: How to Make Social Media Sell for You, is first to offer businesses a clear, practical way to create leads and sales with platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and blogs.

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