How to: Business blog writing to create sales leads

Time to watch: less than 3 minutes. Learn from this free video short, “How to: Business blog writing to create sales.” I’ll show you, step-by-step, how to get leads for your business and convert them to customers. Get full details in this video or sign up right now to get 2 worksheets and 3 videos as part of my  social media sales training.

Struggling to generate sales leads with blogs? I was too. After spending a year researching why I kept failing I found the answer:

Most of us invest too much time in WHAT to say on blogs rather than designing what we say to trigger response.

Watch the video “How to: Business blog writing to create sales” to see exactly what I mean. At the end, sign up for my free blog writing course.

It’s not your fault. We’ve been mislead by self-proclaimed social media experts about what works. We’ve been given bad advice!

The formula is simple, effective and explained in the above video clip. Or if you’re really serious attend my Writing for Social Media Training.


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