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How to hire a social media manager: 4 ‘red flag’ phrases to watch out for

  • By Jeff Molander


Time to read: 2 minutes. Time to hire a social media manager, freelancer or agency? Here’s are 4 phrases to watch out for in the interview process. For instance, “Social media is not for selling.” The arguments supporting this viewpoint are often made by social media managers who don’t know how (or refuse to) to take responsibility for generating leads and sales. Let’s identify 4 red flag statements so you can hire a rock star social media manager.Continue reading

social media for sales teams

Social Media for Sales Teams: Stop Waiting on Marketing & Start Selling More

  • By Jeff Molander

social media for sales teamsTime to read: 2 minutes. So far social media for sales teams has been stagnant. That’s because we’ve been waiting on marketing to create LEADS with LinkedIn, blogs, Facebook, YouTube, etc. But all they’ve managed to produce (after all these years) are Likes, followers and shares. Most marketers prefer measuring social media more than SELLING with it. I say it’s time for sales teams to take action.Continue reading

social media b2b sales

Social Media in B2B Sales: Success is About Confidence, Not Engagement

  • By Jeff Molander

social media in b2b salesTime to read: 4 minutes. Social media in B2B sales is filled with bullshit ideas that don’t work. Successful B2B sellers aren’t trying to influence prospects; nor persuade buyers to choose them on social media. Are you using your blog to PROVE your product or service is worth investing in? They are. Are you using LinkedIn to create confidence in the buyer—rather than the product or service? They are. Hmm. Might your competitors be creating confident buyers in ways that creates trust in them… and connects to their sales funnel?Continue reading

social media steel industry

Social Media in the Steel Industry: How Steelmaster Gets Leads on Facebook

  • By Jeff Molander

social media steel industryTime to read: 3 minutes. I’ve uncovered a remarkable social media steel industry success story. Steelmaster is netting leads and sales right on its Facebook page using a specific technique. I’ll quickly add some color and explain the technique—so you can do the same for your steel, construction or manufacturing business. Continue reading

Make More Direct Sales From Your Blog by Posting LESS

  • By Jeff Molander

blogging for direct salesTime to read: 3 minutes. If you’re blogging for direct sales—wondering why sales aren’t showing up you’re not alone. But there is a better, new way that is fun for bloggers AND effective at creating leads. Better yet, it grabs the attention of new and existing customers, helps them and earns their trust in you. I’m talking about mythbusting.

Continue reading

How to create a social media sales strategy that actually works

  • By Jeff Molander

social media sales strategyTime to read: 4 minutes. It’s easy to fall into 3 traps when setting out to create a social media sales strategy for a B2B professional services firm—or for any B2B marketer. Here’s how to avoid each one—letting the gremlins sabotage your competitors while you zoom forward!Continue reading

3 Lessons Learned After Years of LinkedIn Spam (and what to do now)

  • By Jeff Molander

best practice for linkedin groupTime to read: 3.5 minutes. In 2008 LinkedIn introduced its Group functionality. Since then those of us using LinkedIn for business have been tortured by inappropriate, low-value comments and linking—people trying to promote “their thing.” Spam. So after all these years what have we learned? As it turns out a lot. Here are 3 quick, new best practices for LinkedIn Group management and a proven system to use LinkedIn for sales prospecting.

Here’s how to create, manage and/or participate in a LinkedIn Group and actually get something out of it… and make sure members do too!Continue reading

Successful Content Marketing Plans do 1 Thing Really Well

  • By Jeff Molander

content marketing planTime to read: 2 minutes. Does your content marketing create action? I’ve been using LinkedIn, Facebook and blogging to generate business-to-business (b2b) leads and sales very effectively lately. Surprisingly, the key to my content marketing success is coming from creative thinking about what I already know works and getting my target market to take action—moving them off of social media.Continue reading

Psychology of Selling: How Engaging with Customers Can Hurt Sales

  • By Jeff Molander


psychology of sellingTime to read: 3 minutes. If you’re busy engaging with customers on Facebook or using LinkedIn for sales prospecting listen up. Being known, liked and trusted enough to earn the investment of fickle customers demands giving them the confidence they need to buy. Everything else is just wasting precious time. This is what the psychology of selling teaches us. Making social media sell for your business means focusing less on merely engaging with prospects and more on doing these 3 things—right now.

Continue reading

How to Avoid Getting Off the Sales Track with Social Marketing

  • By Jeff Molander

avoid common social marketing mistakesTime to read: 4 Minutes. “Jeff, where do most  marketers go wrong with social media marketing… how do they lose track of the goal—sales?” As the economy tightens up even more my response is becoming more focused and sharp: “They market on it rather than sell with it.” Want to know how to avoid common mistakes? There are 3 surprisingly simple mistakes that most small business and big corporate marketers can avoid with ease. Continue reading