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The leading cause of sales email template failure

  • By Jeff Molander

Time to read: 3.5 minutes. There is one problem I see over-and-over in sales email templates: Talking about benefits of products and services too soon. It's the most common cold sales email hurdle to clear. And for good reason.

“What else is there to talk about anyway!?”

“I don’t know where to start.”

That's why we take the easy way out. The lazy way. We fall back on talking about solutions to customers' problems. We look at marketing materials and web sites for messaging ideas.

But that's where you’ll probably go off track.

Instead, talk ONLY about buyers’ problems—not your solution. Not yet. 

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email newsletter effectiveness

The truth: Email newsletter effectiveness on sales

  • By Jeff Molander

Time to read: 3.5 minutes. Email newsletter effectiveness. It’s a taboo issue for many marketers. They don’t want to discuss it, let alone measure it. After studying this for years I’ve discovered why and re-arranged my business to exploit what I’ve learned.

The truth: Email newsletters may not be a viable strategy for you.

Let’s be brutally honest

What is a newsletter? It is a stream of messages businesses send to customers to “keep on the radar.” Messages yakking about … well … the business. At best, most newsletters share valuable content. Whatever that means.

It usually means broadcasting un-provocative information subscribers already know.

Starting to get the picture?

  • Is the email newsletter a viable strategy in this age?
  • How can all this self-talk add value?
  • If your messages are aimed at solving customers’ problems how does this connect to a sales process?

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Don’t cancel your Sales Navigator account (until you read this)

  • By Jeff Molander

Time to read: 3.5 minutes. When at the gym do you only work on your biceps? Curl after curl after curl—all day, every day? Well, you might. But you would start looking lopsided!

It might sound silly, but this is happening to sellers I’m coaching. They put tons of time into learning LinkedIn Sales Navigator—neglecting communications techniques needed to get appointments set.

Sales teams are spending big bucks on LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Mostly to access LinkedIn’s database and InMail—getting into to prospects’ in-boxes. From $30,000 to $250,000 most sales teams are “all in.”


marketing teams are making a costly mistake when training sellers on social selling. They’re failing to focus sales teams on an effective communications technique to spark conversations with buyers. Even worse, sellers are going in cold—with their cold email approach.

Most sellers are sending InMail messages on a test-and-learn basis.

Big mistake considering one cannot test something as basic as InMail message open rates. LinkedIn does not allow it. This handcuffs sellers. Literally.

The #1 reason for Cancelling Sales Navigator

Lack of email/InMail response from potential buyers. It’s killing most sales teams using Sales Navigator for prospecting. Most are investing in Sales Navigator training; however, they’re forgetting the most important piece. The part that helps get appointments set with prospects:

An effective communications technique. The ability to grab attention, earn response and start discussions with buyers!

Learning how to write effectively? Heh. Much less flashy than learning LinkedIn. But not knowing how to provoke responses is the leading reason sales forces cancel their Sales Navigator account.

After investing in “how to use LinkedIn” they’re forced to cancel Sales Navigator. It’s too expensive and time-draining as compared to other options. It’s just not effective.Continue reading

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How to get a response from a sales email

  • By Jeff Molander

Time to read: 3 minutes. To get response from a sales email make sure your message does NOT ask for the meeting. When making first contact with a prospect using email or LinkedIn’s InMail be warned: Asking for what you want, right away, will fail.

Here’s what I’ve learned works from years of helping clients get better response.

Attract the potential buyer to ask YOU for the meeting, demo or face-to-face. Get invited to discuss a challenge, fear or goal your prospect has.

This cold email prospecting strategy works best. But it takes provocation.

Avoid the most common mistakes

It’s obvious. So obvious. But are you doing it?

Is your email different?

Is it provocative? Does it spark curiosity in a way that is hyper-focused on the buyer?

You’ll fail to get response unless your first touch email is:

  • under ten sentences
  • focused exclusively on the buyer (not referencing yourself, nor current clients, nor benefits)
  • not asking for a meeting
  • without Web links or PDF attachments

Is your first message structured… copy-written… to earn permission for a discussion?

This is what we learn how to do in my InMail / email Writing Clinics.

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canadian anti spam law compliance guide

Canadian anti-spam law: A compliance guide for sales pros

  • By Jeff Molander

canadian anti spam law compliance guide

Time to read: 3.5 minutes. Canadian sales professionals are confused and frustrated. Rightfully so. The Canadian Radio-television & Telcom Commission is not guiding sales forces clearly enough. Instead, focusing on marketers.

So, beware: The Canadian Anti-spam Legislation (CASL) does limit your ability to “cold email” prospects. Apparently! It’s truly unclear.

However, there seem to be 2 work-arounds for sellers. One in particular that is quite safe.

  1. Use LinkedIn InMail, where users have already given their consent to receive your message
  2. approach prospects with messages that ASK for permission to discuss “participation in a commercial activity.”

Preface: I’m not a lawyer and you should consider your lawyer’s advice. And the law truly is confusing from a sales person’s perspective. That said…Continue reading

best inmail subject lines

3 of the best InMail and email subject lines I’ve found

  • By Jeff Molander

best inmail subject lines

Time to read: 3.5 minutes. Why aren’t your email or InMail subject lines working? They’re probably too long, too specific and they’re telegraphing what you want—a meeting. After months of researching with reps and recruiters I’ll share 3 of the best InMail subject lines I’ve found.

Point blank: The job of your subject line is to get your email opened—in a way that doesn’t backfire in your face.

Let’s qualify prospects faster with more effective InMail and email messages that rock.Continue reading

Making Sales Navigator training pay-off

  • By Jeff Molander

 navigator training

Time to read: 3.5 minutes. LinkedIn Sales Navigator training can be great investment. But it’s easy to get lost. Knowing your way around LinkedIn only gets you so far. Without an effective, repeatable messaging approach to get appointments set you’ll fail. Here is way to get prospects responding to InMail and Group messages. Inquiring—asking about what you sell. Plus I’ll give you a template to get started having more success, right now.

This “communications methodology” is the piece most Sales Navigator training (and trainers) are overlooking. That’s why most Sales Navigator investments fail.

Below, I’ll give you that piece. Plus, a proven, effective template. Start improving your ROI with Sales Navigator.

Want to learn this system and grab a few more effective InMail templates now? Here’s a workshop to get you started.Continue reading

linkedin profiles for sales

A Linkedin profile for sales: Spark leads in 3 steps

  • By Jeff Molander

linkedin profiles for sales

Time to read: 3.5 minutes. Tired of getting so few sales leads from your LinkedIn profile? I dare you to fire-up your browser. Compare your profile against the below checklist. Check-off each step as you implement these three, proven steps to make your profile spark response from buyers. I’ll give you 4 of my best LinkedIn profile examples. The trick is to structure LinkedIn profile for sales—use “trigger” words that convince potential buyers to take action. (become a lead)

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How to write an effective InMail: 7 of my best templates

  • By Jeff Molander

Time to read: 3 minutes. Frustrated with LinkedIn InMail prospecting? Emails going un-responded to? I recently discovered how to write an effective InMail. You know, messages that get response. I’ll share how to provoke potential buyers to reply—by writing in a specific way. This gives you a response and the chance to qualify them. Here’s the style technique and a few templates to get more response.Continue reading

linkedin tips for sales

3 Ways to waste time on LinkedIn and feel good about it

  • By Jeff Molander

linkedin tips for sales

Time to read: 3 minutes. There’s no shortage of LinkedIn tips for sales professionals. But most do more harm than good. These are the tips-and-tricks giving a week’s worth of satisfaction—followed by that sinking feeling. “Ugh… why did I invest any time in that?” Today is your day. Let’s expose these time-wasters and discover what to do instead.Continue reading

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