Content Marketing Experts: Are they ‘dumbing things down’ at your expense?

content marketing expertsSimple products, simple services. They help us get things done. Simple words help sell them. I love simple. But many of today’s content marketing experts are simpletons who are evolving into charlatans. How can we know which content marketing experts to follow? Advancing your career or building your content marketing business means asking two, serious questions in 2014.

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How to unknowingly sabotage your LinkedIn content strategy


Time to read: 3 minutes. Are you posting your blog articles in LinkedIn Groups? You may be doing more harm than good—subverting your own LinkedIn content strategy. All it takes is posting your latest blog in a LinkedIn Group. Poof. You’re labeled as a spammer by moderators, or (if you’re lucky) sent to LinkedIn purgatory—to the Promotions tab. Here’s how to avoid getting “SWAMMed” in LinkedIn Groups, unknowingly destroying your LinkedIn reputation.

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How to avoid hiring the wrong social media sales consultant

social media sales consultant

Time to read: 3 minutes. Everyone is a social media sales consultant. But how can you tell the real experts from the self-appointed gurus? Beware of misguided social selling consultants. They’ll make claims like, “frequency of blogging and passion are keys to effective online lead generation.” Or, “leads will flow when you engage and show prospects you care in LinkedIn Groups.” Beware: this advise is common but misguided. Make sure your social media sales consultant teaches a specific, proven response-driven process to create leads and sales.

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LinkedIn training for sales: 3 Steps to more response & leads on LinkedIn

linkedin training for sales

Time to read: 3.5 minutes. Why are so many of us failing to generate response (and leads) with LinkedIn profiles and LinkedIn groups? We’re not moving customers’ needles. We are not using LinkedIn to give prospects ‘results in advance.’ That’s why I created a FREE LinkedIn training for sales video tutorial. No time for training? Here’s what you can do—right now—to create more sales leads using LinkedIn in 3 steps.

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3 effective lead generation ideas (that nobody is talking about)

lead generation ideasTime to read: 3 minutes. I recently discovered 3 of the best, most effective lead generation ideas out there: #1, Update the way you’re marketing yourself online to DESIGN for sales. Don’t follow “the gurus.” #2, Give your best advice away online, in exchange for leads. #3 Create confidence in prospects in ways that give “results in advance” to ultimately earn the sale.

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How to hire a social media manager: 4 ‘red flag’ phrases to watch out for

how-to-hire-social-media-managerTime to read: 2 minutes. Time to hire a social media manager, freelancer or agency? Here’s are 4 phrases to watch out for in the interview process. For instance, “Social media is not for selling.” The arguments supporting this viewpoint are often made by social media managers who don’t know how (or refuse to) to take responsibility for generating leads and sales. Let’s identify 4 red flag statements so you can hire a rock star social media manager.

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Social Media for Sales Teams: Stop Waiting on Marketing & Start Selling More

social media for sales teamsTime to read: 2 minutes. So far social media for sales teams has been stagnant. That’s because we’ve been waiting on marketing to create LEADS with LinkedIn, blogs, Facebook, YouTube, etc. But all they’ve managed to produce (after all these years) are Likes, followers and shares. Most marketers prefer measuring social media more than SELLING with it. I say it’s time for sales teams to take action.

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Social Media in B2B Sales: Success is About Confidence, Not Engagement

social media in b2b salesTime to read: 4 minutes. Social media in B2B sales is filled with bullshit ideas that don’t work. Successful B2B sellers aren’t trying to influence prospects; nor persuade buyers to choose them on social media. Are you using your blog to PROVE your product or service is worth investing in? They are. Are you using LinkedIn to create confidence in the buyer—rather than the product or service? They are. Hmm. Might your competitors be creating confident buyers in ways that creates trust in them… and connects to their sales funnel?

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