LinkedIn InMail Best Practice: Don’t ask for the meeting


linkedin inmail best practices

Time to read: 3 minutes. Is your LinkedIn InMail response rate a problem? LinkedIn ‘gurus’ won’t tell you the LinkedIn InMail best practices you’re seeking. Because they don’t use LinkedIn to prospect themselves! Here is what I’ve learned along side my customers—a way to write effective LinkedIn InMail messages. Surprisingly the key is NOT asking for the appointment. Don’t swing for the wall.

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How to Pick the Best Social Selling Training

social selling training

Time to read: 3 minutes. If social selling training is on your to-do list you’re not alone. Choosing the best social selling training for your organization can be daunting. In a world of “instant experts” investing in the wrong social selling trainer can be disastrous. Let’s understand the safest place to start. Follow these steps to make the best decision.

Answering essential questions

First, let’s glance at the below social selling training checklist. Then we’ll get into the details of each step.

1) What should the selection criteria be?
2) How much should the social selling training cost?
3) How do I find candidates?
4) What essential skills should the trainer teach?
5) How can I make sure this training is worth the money?

Want to get started on this entire process? Print-off this Social Selling Training Cheat Sheet PDF and I’ll walk you through it. (No registration needed)

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator review: It’s worth it, but only if …

linkedin sales navigator review

Time to read: 3.5 minutes. LinkedIn Sales Navigator IS worth the money. But only if you have an effective, repeatable way to get buyers talking with you. Navigator and Premium buy you access. Nothing more. Here is a proven way to spark prospects’ curiosity PLUS get them asking for more details. Let’s quickly examine what I learned in my LinkedIn Sales Navigator review. 

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How to avoid hiring the wrong social media sales consultant


social media sales consultant

Time to read: 3 minutes. Everyone is a social selling consultant. But how can you tell the real experts from the self-appointed gurus? Beware of misguided social selling consultants. They’ll make claims like, “frequency of blogging and passion are keys to effective online lead generation.” Or, “leads will flow when you engage and show prospects you care in LinkedIn Groups.” Beware: this advise is common but misguided. Make sure your social selling consultant teaches a specific, proven response-driven process to create leads and sales.

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LinkedIn training for sales: 3 Steps to more response & leads on LinkedIn

linkedin training for sales

Time to read: 3.5 minutes. Why are so many reps and dealers failing to generate leads on LinkedIn—using profiles, InMail and Groups? We’re not moving customers’ needles. We are not using LinkedIn to give prospects ‘results in advance’ of their purchase. That’s why I created a FREE LinkedIn training for sales video tutorial. No time for training? Here’s what you can do—right now—to create more sales leads using LinkedIn in 3 steps.

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